If anyone can make money with outdoor billboards, why isn’t everyone doing it? This is one of the most common questions people ask me. The answer is really simple. Investing outdoor billboards requires education. Most entrepreneurs who are successful in this niche market have been reluctant to share their knowledge and prefer to keep their experience to themselves.

So why am I sharing my experience? It’s simple. I believe there is ample opportunity for anyone willing to learn what it takes to succeed with outdoor billboards. More importantly, I firmly believe outdoor billboards are one of the best real estate investment vehicles for those with a limited budget.

Why Outdoor Advertising Makes Sense

Billboards have been around for over a century and will continue to exist well into the future. Billboards are one of the least expensive types of advertisements. Businesses advertise during a good and bad economy because the cost per impression is very low compared to other forms of advertising. Imagine how many people see a highway billboard every day and how it begins to influence their purchasing preferences. Advertisers have long since realized billboards are an effective means to reach their target market.

As an investment, billboards are extremely attractive. I don’t have to deal with the typical maintenance headaches that are often associated with other types of real estate investments. The typical tenants for a billboard will either be local businesses in the surrounding geographic area or merchants that are nationally known.

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